2024 TEA Invitation Acceptance

The guest list is now closed for the 2024 TEAs

It’s time to RSVP for the TEA Show 2024.  We are an industry only event and access is given on a first come basis.  We have a very small allocation of tickets for guests who have attended the show before but are non-industry, please scroll to the bottom.

Please read everything before RSVP’ing for your tickets.

  • tickets are given to the nominees, and those working in or with the adult trans industry.
  • your legal name (as on ID) and stage name need to be on the RSVP.  If you are not a ‘Grooby’ model please add notes on where we can see you.
  • Table seating is reserved for sponsors only.  If you are a model and a guest of a sponsor, it’s recommended that you RSVP here, as well as have them RSVP for you.
  • There is unreserved seating on the balcony and there may be some on the loge area.
  • The ticket covers both the pre-party and the TEA Show.  We are a 21+ only event.
  • If you are a nominee and have an industry guest, please have them RSVP and mention that they are the guest of [your name] in the notes.
  • If you are a nominee and have a non-industry guest, we have a limited number of tickets for sale at $125 which covers both nights.  The will be donated to the FSC – Free Speech Coalition.  Have your guest complete the RSVP, state that they are a paid guest of [your name] and we will contact with more details.  You are responsible for ensuring this guest adheres to the format and rules of the show.
  • Red carpet access is for nominees only.   There will be more details closer to the date.
  • You must have a valid original ID (driving license, passport or state ID only) for access to the event.
  • Tickets are non-transferable.
  • You will be notified that you have been added to the guest list via email.

Non-Industry Guests:
We have a very limited amount of tickets reserved for those of you who are not part of the industry but who have supported us, over the years.  To apply, please fill in the RSVP and let us know your legal name.   In the notes, tell us which years you have attended, and if you have any photos of you at the event, please send to admin@grooby.com or post direct links in the notes.   The ticket for both nights is $125 and the proceeds donated to the FSC – Free Speech Coalition or other worthy causes.  Your ID must match the name on the ticket when you arrive at the event.  This ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Media Policy

Media will be strictly limited to industry publications and news/entertainment companies. Only those with TEA Media Passes will be allowed access to red carpet or to bring professional recording equipment into the events. Personal cameras (non-DSLR cameras) are allowed.

You agree … 

… to follow the ethos and rules of the TEA Show and pre-party.  We are an industry event aimed at bringing the trans erotica industry together to celebrate trans performers and companies.  We are a safe-space and a positive environment only.  Both nights provide the opportunity to mingle and network with other performers and adult industry employees.  Please respect everyone’s boundaries.  Anybody found to be over-stepping boundaries, engaging in any sort of non-consensual contact, or trying to create discord or conflict will be asked to leave.  You are expected to present yourself and the industry in a positive light.

READ OUR TICKET POLICY HERE: https://www.theteashow.com/tickets-policy/

    Will you also be attending the Pre-Party on March 8th, 2024? Do you have a paid guest you wish to bring? (If yes, we will send you payment details for their ticket)

    Please consider donating to the Free Speech Coalition