Accessibility Information

We’ve compiled information about the accessibility of the venue (parking, bathrooms, red carpet protocol, etc.) for guests. Additional questions can be directed to Kristel Penn at

UPDATEd: march 2, 2024

Please note that the Oscars will take place on March 10, 2024 (the same night as the TEA Awards). This may impact traffic in the surrounding area, so please plan accordingly. We’ve included a map below of impacted streets in relation to the venue (Avalon):

Venue Information

Note: the Avalon and Bardot are part of the same property.

The Official Pre-Party (March 8) | The Bardot
Time: 9pm-2am
Doors close at 12:30am

The entrance to the Bardot is located on Vine Street on the corner of the venue. There will be one check-in line for everyone and you will need to bring a valid ID for admission. This event is closed to the public and no tickets will be available for sale at the door.

There will be a media wall positioned in the main area of the venue with official photographers stationed there throughout the evening. There will also be interviews from our official Pre-Party host, Lindsey Banks. This area is accessible to all guests and we encourage attendees to have their photos taken and get interviewed by Lindsey.

You MUST BE ON THE GUESTLIST to attend. Those not on the guestlist will not be able to attend. We do this to protect the safety of our guests.

For those unfamiliar with the space, the Bardot is an open-air lounge located upstairs in the Avalon. There is a flight of stairs guests will need to go up in order to access the space. Because the Avalon/Bardot is a historic building, there is no elevator on the premises. If you have mobility issues, please contact Kristel Penn directly ( to discuss your needs and how we can best accommodate them.

For our event, the men’s and women’s restrooms will be designated as gender-neutral. The bathrooms are located in the back corner of the Bardot (off to the side of the covered dance floor/bar area). To access these restrooms, you will need to go up 4-5 steps. If you need assistance accessing the restroom or would like a staff member to accompany you for safety/personal reasons, please contact Kristel Penn with the info listed above to make arrangements.

The Awards (March 10) | Avalon
Time: 7pm – 1am (approximate end time)

Red Carpet: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Show starts at 10:00pm

The entrance to Avalon is located on Vine Street. For the Awards, our red carpet will be outside along the front of the venue with our hosts (Natassia Dreams and Foxxy) rotating out and doing interviews throughout the evening. Due to time constraints, red carpet access will be limited to nominees and sponsors.

We will, however, have a secondary media wall (professionally lit) located outside for guests to have their photos taken professionally. Our Pre-Party host, Lindsey Banks, will conduct interviews in this area. This media wall will have a wider walkway and is recommended for guests with mobility issues.

You MUST BE ON THE GUESTLIST to attend. As stated above, we vet and approve every guest in attendance. This event is not open to the public, so you must RSVP and receive confirmation of approval in order to attend.

For our event, the men’s and women’s restrooms will be designated as gender-neutral, with one bathroom designated for industry/performers to use. These bathrooms are located on opposite sides from the main lobby.

Sponsor seating is reserved for the main floor (tables will be marked accordingly). Only guests with a sponsor band will be able to access the area. If you are seated in the sponsor area and have mobility issues, there is a side entrance where you can enter and won’t need to go up/down stairs. Any Grooby or Avalon staff on hand will be able to help escort you to your seat.

Parking Information

The area has several paid open parking lots nearby, with one located next to the Avalon. In our past experience, the cost of parking in this lot fluctuates (and is cash only) and there are no in/out privileges. If you plan on parking here, make sure you bring cash.

We also recommend utilizing rideshare options if they are accessible to you. Below is the address to input:

1735 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028

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