Ticket Policy


The Transgender Erotica Awards (also known as the TEAs) is a “not for profit” event. Some of the sponsors pay purely for advertising and the websites or models who sponsor, do it partially for advertising and branding and somewhat to “give something back” to the models.

As we’re running both the Transgender Erotica Awards and official pre-party, we’re going to be able to offer discounts for those buying in advance or wanting to buy both nights as a package.

Nominees receive free admission to the pre-party and the awards. This is non-transferrable (it’s only for you) and your guests will need to buy a ticket.

This guestlist is ONLY for nominees and known performers in the Trans Adult Industry: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-2020-transgender-erotica-awards-tickets-88164401097

If approved, you will receive a confirmation email stating you have been added to the guestlist. Be sure to check your spam folder for email confirmation as well.

Sponsors all get a set number of tickets and we will have to be strict on those also as the sponsor seating areas are limited. SPONSORS RSVP directly at kristel@grooby.com.

Looking for information on hotels? Be sure to visit this page.

MEDIA : Media will be strictly limited to industry publications and news/entertainment companies. Only those with TEA Media Passes will be allowed access to red carpet or to bring professional recording equipment into the events. Personal cameras are allowed.

Please don’t be offended if we can’t offer you a free ticket. Over 60% of our tickets go to sponsors, models, press, and VIPs which help make it such a great event. We hope to make some income from the ticket sales to offset costs.

Please consider donating to the Free Speech Coalition