Adult Time’s TRANSFIXED Sponsors 2020 TEAs

LOS ANGELES, CA – TRANSFIXED is proud to announce their Gold Sponsorship of the 2020 Transgender Erotica Awards. The premium trans-women-on-trans-women showcase series is from Adult Time and created by Bree Mills and her award-winning team at Gamma Films. 

“We are dedicated to showcasing trans models with other women, including many of the top performers in adult,” said Bree Mills, Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time and Creator of Transfixed. “Each episode is a collaboration with the women themselves, to bring their fantasies to life and allow a space for them to explore and enjoy each other without stigma or stereotype. The action is equal parts erotic and explicit, with a cinematic opening that naturally transitions into a sexual encounter.”

Adult Time’s TRANSFIXED is the First Premium Trans Women on Women Showcase Series. Created by Bree Mills and her award-winning team at Gamma Films, this is a celebration of the most beautiful trans women paired with some of adult’s top cis female performers. Shot in 4K Ultra HD using cutting edge production techniques, high-fashion styling, and photography, TRANSFIXED will set a new standard within both the TS and mainstream adult entertainment world. For more information, visit 

The Transgender Erotica Awards (the TEAs) are a two-day event held in Hollywood, CA, during the weekend of March 13-15, 2020. The event is the only of its kind and celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry. More details about the event will be released in the months to come. Visit their official website at The 2020 sponsorship packages are now posted here:

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