Safety Policy

It’s always been our main concern that attendees to the TEAs should be in a safe environment to enjoy the party and the show with their friends, peers, and colleagues and, for the most part, over our 11 years of growth we’ve been able to provide that.  We welcome over 400 people to our main show from all over the world to help celebrate transgender erotica and we’ve accomplished that each year, with people leaving with good memories, new friendships and looking forward to the following year’s festivities.  No event of this size is without issues, and it’s unfortunate that a small element has caused us to look at ways of making the show safer and having to inform attendees what to look out for.   While we’ve always had security and staff floating in the crowds, this year we’re bringing in a number of changes to help us, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share them with you.

The last thing we want is to take an authoritarian approach – the TEA weekend is meant to be fun, and a time to celebrate.   The main thing is that you are all adults, and as adults, you should be responsible primarily for yourself, and then for the friends you are with.  We’ve removed some problematic individuals from this year’s show and this year we’re going to an over 21 policy (with a few exceptions for nominees who should contact

We’d like all attendees to be aware of the following;

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, unwanted touching or abusive behavior.  You will be removed from the show or party if you exhibit this sort of behavior.
  • Drink testing kits will be available at the show to anyone who wants them.  You are recommended to get your own drinks and ensure nobody else has access to them.  If in doubt, please use the kit and if a positive result is shown contact a TEA staff member.
  • There will be floating ‘TEA Staff’ at the show wearing visible logo’d shirts – as well as lit-up wrist bands.   There will also be a TEA staff permanently at the right hand door (next to the bar) who will be clearly seen.  If you have any issues please see them immediately.
  • We will be posting a “secret word” prior to the show.  If you feel in danger, ill, harassed or have any issues, then using that word to a TEA staff member will have you escorted to a safe space, where we can assess the problem and inform security – or take necessary actions.  
  • There will be non-uniformed ‘floater’ staff at the show, looking for potential problems and ensuring everyone is having a good time.
  • Look for staff – some will have a logo’d shirt, all will have a lit wrist band.  If you have any issues please get yourself to them.

We hope these measures will enable everyone to enjoy a fun, memorable, and safe evening.   Please be aware of how much alcohol you consume – those of you don’t eat before the show, and drink on an empty stomach please be careful.  Please be responsible for friends or those you see who may be in distress,  drunk or under an undue amount of unwarranted attention.  Please ensure if you go anywhere after the parties or show, you stay with friends and know where you are going.

All of us at The TEA Show are looking forward to celebrating the weekend with you.

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