In Preparation of What’s Ahead


As Steven  mentioned in a previous post here, the process of tallying up the pre-nomination votes are not as simple as it seems. Not only do we have to tally and sort through hundreds of votes, we then have to verify that these submissions fit the criteria of our nomination period (in particular for categories like Best Scene, Best FTM Scene, Best DVD, and Best New Face).

Then comes the next big task – organizing the content for our panel of judges to review. It takes us days to do this because we want to ensure our judges have ample content to make their decisions and it takes a bit to compile everything in a way that’s organized – whether it’s direct links to nominated scenes or noteworthy scenes from nominated performers.

In preparation of announcing our nominees (which will be happening, VERY, VERY soon), we wanted to prep all nominees on the next part of process:

This is extremely important to read if you want our judges to be able to consider you in your nominated categories. We work very hard to ensure our judges have ample content to sift through to make educated choices for each category and give them notes on what to look for so everyone is on the same page. We also employ a diverse group of producers, industry folks, performers, and fans to judge.

If your DVD is available for streaming on TEA sponsored site Gamelink, perfect. They are being kind enough to offer access to nominated content on their site for our judges. However, if your title isn’t listed there, we’ll need some other way for our judges to view it online. Unfortunately we cannot receive physical copies of DVDs because 1) our judges are located around the world, and 2) it would take too long to send to them in a timely manner and it would be too expensive.

If you operate a nominated solo site, we will need (5) 1-month passes to your website. You can email them directly to me at This is imperative for the Best Solo Site category (for obvious reason) and for performers nominated in categories like Best Solo Model, Best Hardcore Model, Miss Unique, and our Best International Model categories.

As always, Grooby provides memberships to our sites for our judges, as does larger companies like Shemale Strokers, Bob’s TGirls, and UP Network. We please ask that other companies where nominated performers are featured do the same.
(note: GroobyNetwork sites run through ModelCentro will need passes generated by the performer)

Nominated Photographers, please submit (10) pictures of your work from this past TEA season (Nov 2015-present) to for judges’ consideration.

Let’s make the 2017 TEAs our most successful yet! We want all of your nominees to be properly considered for their categories and we can’t do it without you.